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"Richard’s work with me has fundamentally changed my life for the better" Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm, U.K.

Performance Coach

"It is time to find your purpose and transition to the person you have the potential to become"

About: About

I am a Performance Coach and I work with Professional Athletes, Family Offices & Executives.

At its heart, coaching is about change. The clients I have been priviledged to work with all have one thing in common; a hunger to get more from their life.

Coaching isn't therapy. It is a partnership of equals whereby you and your coach work proactively towards sharpening your thinking, behaviour and lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed by what's right with you.


I am accredited as an Executive Coach, and I am coached & supervised by one of the UK's most highly regarded coaches.

My primary coaching model is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and is influenced by concepts from CBT, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

I have coached C-Suite Executives, International Athletes, and the next generation of Ultra High Net Worth families.

I have over 100 hours of 1-2-1 coaching experience, and I bring my personal experiences from elite sport & business to my coaching model.

We also partner with market leading organisations and individuals to deliver programmes & workshops to businesses & teams.

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