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"Our adversities unlock our true potential"


After a 13 year career playing Premiership & International Rugby, I made the decision to retire from professional sport. I moved full-time into my property investment company alongside stepping into my family's Private Office.

However, 18 months later I found myself unable to get out of bed in the morning. I pulled away from my friends & family, felt hopeless, and like my life had no direction or future.

London Irish

This is a familiar story for professional athletes when they retire - however my thorough preparation and life circumstances suggested I would have had a smooth transition.

This experience propelled me into ruthlessly researching career & life transition. I began working with other athletes, coaching & mentoring them through their own transitions.

What followed was working with other groups including the next gen of Family Offices, entrepreneurs and business executives.

Coaching an individual or group through their obstacles and life challenges so they could fulfill their potential became a burning passion of mine.

This passion became Transition Consulting.

Transition Consulting partners with world leading organisations and individuals to deliver market leading programmes, workshops & 1-2-1 coachng


Founder & Performance Consultant

"It is time to find your purpose and transition to the person you have the potential to become"