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Transition Consulting is the trading name of Transition Coaching Ltd

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Founder & Managing Director

"It is time to find your purpose and transition to the person you have the potential to become"



"Our adversities unlock our true potential"


After a 13 year career playing Premiership & International Rugby, I made the decision to retire from professional sport. I moved into my property investment company full-time, alongside stepping up to Principal of my family's Private Office.

However, 18 months later I found myself unable to get out of bed in the morning. I pulled away from my friends & family, felt hopeless, and like my life had no direction or future.

This is a familiar story for professional athletes when they retire - however my thorough preparation and life circumstances suggested I would have had a smooth transition.

This experience propelled me into ruthlessly researching career & life transition. I began working with other athletes preparing them and coaching them through their own transitions.

What followed was working with other groups including next gens, entrepreneurs and businesses.

What I discovered was a model and framework to overcoming challenges, blockages, fears & failures. A model to achieving your potential.

Today this has became Transition Consulting.