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What is Coaching?

Breakthrough limitations; uncover your potential

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all coaching sessions are delivered over the web or phone

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Coaching is a working partnership whereby you & your coach will develop a true understanding of your challenges, identify blockages and build values-based goals alongside the tools and strategies for you to achieve them.

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Typically delivered in one-to-one sessions or via group seminars, coaching impacts clients in the following areas:

  • Sustainable performance

  • Psychological resilience

  • Sustainable behavioural changes

  • Deepen self-awareness & improve wellbeing

  • Improve self-esteem & confidence

  • Clarify purpose, objectives and goals in work & life

  • Overcome barriers and breakthrough to fulfil your potential

  • Improved relationship skills and empathy for others


Unlike psychology & psychotherapy which typically focuses on mental health conditions, coaching is a client-centred relationship designed to create lasting positive change to clients in order to unlock their true potential.

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Clients will experience increased performance and greater wellbeing at work and in their personal lives. Coaching will deliver the tools and strategies to successfully navigate through the inevitable challenges and adversities life presents.

How it works

It all starts with getting in touch

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What are you looking for?

1-2-1 Coaching.

Group Coaching.

Keynote presentation, workshop or speaking engagement.


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Book a complimentary consultation

A no obligation consultation to determine your bespoke needs.

This can be in person at our offices on Wimpole Street, London, or over the phone or skype.

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Arrange coaching sessions

Typically 6 sessions over 6 weeks.

However many clients choose to have their sessions fortnightly, monthly or even every 6-8 weeks.

Each session is 1-hour long.

Sessions are face-to-face & are completely confidential.

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Expert referrals

20% of clients seeking coaching actually have a clinical requirement.

Transition Coaching partners with outstanding partners to facilitate the very best referrals where appropriate.

Once a client is receiving the correct treatment, then impactful coaching can take place.

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Arrange your presentation, workshop or retreat

Create your bespoke event, or let Richard & the team create one for you.

Then it's time to pick your perfect date and sync diaries with your team or event members.


Sustainable change

Following your coaching experience, Transition Consulting is on hand to ensure the changes you have made are sustained for life.

Client impact and long term change comes before all else, and we endeavour to maintain long term relationships.

We also love to hear how the changes you've made are impacting your life!

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What can I expect?

The coaching experience

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1-2-1 Coaching

Typically delivered over 6 sessions of 1-hour each.

Most sessions take place once a week, although many are fortnightly, monthly or every 6 weeks dependant on the clients requirements.

Each session is tailored to you and your specific needs.

1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching is client centred. Each session the agenda will be set by you and your coach will facilitate the work.

Your coach may use some unusual questions and creative exercises to dive deeper and explore further.

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Audiovisual Conference

Keynote Speaking

Typically delivered over 1-hour to corporate clients at the companies offices or venue.

Richard will deliver one of his signature presentations in Performance, Resilience, Mental Health or Wellbeing, or create a bespoke presentation tailored to your requirements.


Designed for small groups of up to 14, workshops are fully interactive experiences typically aimed at individual companies and groups such as professional athletes or next gen.

Business Meeting


Typically delivered in the boardroom, workshops employ a mix of powerpoint & flipchart work, group participation, guest speakers & group feedback.

Each workshop is unique so to discuss your requirements please get in touch.


Designed for specific groups such as company teams, professional athletes & next gen, retreats are life changing experiences.

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Retreats are in the U.K. or abroad, and are an immersion experience for up to 14 people.

Expect to determine identity, purpose, values & goals, experience deep self discovery, emotional resilience training, and sustainable high performance


Every retreat is different.

To discuss further, please get in touch for a no obligation consultation.

Let us show you how we can make game changing improvements to your team, company & life

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Schedule a complimentary consultation

Coaching: Coaching
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