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Next Gen

The Next Generation of Family Offices & Business Leaders


Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

("The Three Generation Cycle")


91% of HNWI's will not pass the family capital on beyond their grandchildren.

This behaviour has been repeated for centuries and is repeated around the world.

The First Generation typically comes from a life of hardship and is determined to make a better future for themselves.

Whilst their children will now have resources that can open up incredible opportunities for them to make an impact on the world, often the generations that follow experience disconnect, low resilience to adversity, & difficulties with individual identity & purpose.


These challenges can leave families misaligned with their values, and legacy and vision can become blurred.

If you are a Principal, Next Gen, family member or an Executive of a Family Office, get in touch today.

Transition Consulting was built to give you clarity on your life & legacy.

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And let us build your 'human capital', the essential companion to 'financial capital'.

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